Enrico Millo
Present position: Associate Professor
School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Experimental Medicine
Biochemistry Unit
University of Genoa
tel.: 0103533032-3033
mail: Enrico.Millo@unige.it
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Curriculum of Biochemistry
Enrico Millo is Professor of Biochemistry and Lecturer in the School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Genoa and in the Degree course in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies of the University of Genoa.
For more than 20 years he has carried out research in the field of biological and pharmaceutical chemistry, with particular interest in the design and synthesis of biomolecules with potential pharmacological activities in various diseases such as those of the central nervous system (creatine transporter deficiency) and genetic character (Cystic Fibrosis).
Research areas include biochemical studies applied to design and chemical synthesis of conventional peptides and peptidomimetics as pharmacological drugs in disease involving misregulation of gene-expression and autoimmune diseases, design and synthesis of “modulators” for the pharmacological correction of the cystic fibrosis chloride transport defect and synthesis of creatine-derived compounds for the therapy of creatine transporter deficiency.