Gianluca Damonte

Gianluca Damonte
Present position: Associate Professor
School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Experimental Medicine
Biochemistry Unit
University of Genoa
tel.: 0103538051
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Curriculum of Biochemistry
Gianluca Damonte is Associate Professor of Biochemistry. He is Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology for the Degree Courses of Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Chemical Sciences at the University of Genoa. His main research interest is the structural characterisation of peptides, proteins and primary and secondary metabolites extracted from plant and animal sources, using gas and liquid chromatography techniques coupled to mass spectrometry. He is Head of the Structural and Cellular Biochemistry Unit of the Center of Excellence for Biomedical Research (CEBR) of the University of Genoa and responsible for the Mass Spectrometry service.