Cinzia Domenicotti

Cinzia Domenicotti
Present position: Associate Professor
School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Experimental Medicine
General Pathology Unit
University of Genoa
tel.: 0103538030
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Curriculum of Molecular and Cellular Pathology of aging-related diseases
Cinzia M. Domenicotti is a Professor of General Pathology and teaches in the Master’s Degree in Pharmacy, in the Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, in the Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery, in the Three-year Degree Course in Pediatric Nursing and Three-year Degree Course in Environmental Prevention and Workplace Techniques.
For thirty years, she has carried out research in the field of cellular pathology induced by oxidative stress and in particular, she studies the role of redox equilibrium in the modulation of the activity of signaling molecules (kinases, transcription factors, stress proteins) involved in the pathogenesis of cancer and age-related degenerative diseases. Her current lines of research concern the study of molecular mechanisms of drug resistance with particular attention to these two directions: 1) Role of glutathione and oxidative metabolism in the staminality and multiresistance of human neuroblastoma; 2) Role of intracellular signaling pathways in the resistance acquired by BRAF-mutated human melanoma cells, long-term treated with BRAF inhibitors.