Simona Candiani

Simona Candiani
Present position: Full Professor
School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department for the Earth, Environment and Life Sciences
University of Genoa
tel.: 0103538051
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Curriculum of Biochemistry
Simona Candiani is Professor of Cytology and Histology and Comparative Anatomy at the University of Genoa. Since 2001 she has carried out teaching activity on “Cytology and Histology, Cell and Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Comparative Genomics and Developmental Genetics” at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Genoa. For 20 years, he has been carrying out research in the field of developmental neurobiology, with particular interest in the evolution of the nervous system in prevertebrate organisms. Actually, the research activity of Simona Candiani is mainly focused on the study of development and evolution of glia in chordates and use of the zebrafish model for the study of neurological diseases.